September 10, 2010

Family photo identification update

Earlier post: September 4, 2010
Later post: May 21, 2011

Had the great pleasure of hearing from Nancy Moriarty in regards to identifying the members of the family in the above photograph. Thank you for the corrections Nancy!

Let me introduce you to the people shown.
  • John P. "Big Pa" Little: Ex-policeman who married Mary (Soapy's widow).
  • Mary Eva "Mammie" (Smith) Little: Maiden name is Noonan. Her first husband was Soapy.
  • Mary Eva "Nana" (Smith) Moriarty: Soapy and Mary's daughter. 
  • Michael H. "Pops" Moriarty: Mary's husband.
Regarding the unknown:
I don't know who the unknown adult woman is. The children are probably 3 of the 6 children Mary and Michael had. I only have birth dates for three of them so I cannot take an educated guess at this time. 



  1. Hey Jeff this is Katie Rowe your somewhat removed cousin. I can clear up the identies of the children for you. The boy is Maurice Gregory eldest child of Mary Eva and Michael, he passed just two weeks ago. Daughter is child number two Geraldine, she took vows and became a nun, she also had very lg thin feet a trait my sister inherited. The baby in white is my grandfather John Jefferson Moriarty. I have baby pics of him and swear I saw this or a similar one growing up. My grandfatherr papa John saw his fourth generation born, could I get a copy of this? Together this would give me two photos holding six generations for my son with papa as the over lap. He looks about the age my son was when I got the four generations.

  2. Katie Rowe sent me an email that included some more thoughts...

    "For further verification the infant is clearly under a year and the photo us dated April 1921. My papa john Jefferson was born June 1920 and was the third child and second boy."

    Thank you Katie!


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