December 26, 2016

John "The Butcher" Clifford, 9th Baron de Clifford

The Murder of Rutland by Lord Clifford
by artist Charles Robert Leslie, [1794-1859]
That is a 17-year old boy, not a female

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he Butcher

What is it with all the Smith's wearing black?

John Clifford, 9th Baron de Clifford
"The Butcher"

John Clifford, 9th Baron de Clifford, known as "The Butcher," born in an English castle in 1435. He was a Lancastrian military leader, dying on March 28, 1462 during the Battle of Towton in the War of the Roses, when an arrow struck him in the throat after removing a piece of armor known as a gorget.

Arms of de Clifford
Chequy or and azure, a fesse gules

He is notorious for the slaying of Edmund, Earl of Rutland, younger brother of the future King Edward IV, following the Battle of Wakefield in 1460 (see painting at top).

I am in the process of doing more research on this family connection. In the meantime, here are a few links for more research.

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"He was a man of Old West mentality in a swiftly evolving New West. His breed was diminishing, but he refused to retire and continued promotion of himself in the public eye. Finally audacity cost him his influence and control, and in the end, his life."
Alias Soapy Smith, page 17