September 11, 2010

Gold Rush Cemetery, Skagway, Alaska

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I received an email with some photos from family member, Carlton Measels.


A friend of mine spent some time in Alaska lately on vacation. I talked to him before he went. I told him about Soapy Smith and asked him to takes some pictures of anything that pertain to Soapy if they went to Skagway. They did go to Skagway and he took a couple of pictures where Soapy is buried.


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Great photographs Carlton! I took the liberty of adding text to them to pin-point the graves. The top one clearly shows the gully made by the flood of 1917, where Soapy was actually buried. His grave was washed out to sea.

Obviously your friend did not know that Skagway is filled with Soapy Smith places of interest, not just the place he is buried.

Thank you Carlton for sharing these with us!


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