March 7, 2012

Skagway Fire: March 6, 2012

Skagway fire

Perhaps the worst fear for any historic town where the majority of the structures are made of wood is fire. Skagway, Alaska tasted that fear yesterday, March 6, 2012. I saw hints on Facebook but received the most reliable report from Jeff Brady of the Skagway, News. Here's what Jeff had to say.

"I put this up on our site last night but then they cut power to our building and still out: March 6-7 - Firefighters battling fire downtown - The 600 wing of the Skagway Westmark at Second and Spring was ablaze this evening. Firefighters were called to the scene about 11 p.m. Tuesday night and found the west side in flames, and quickly spreading due to a strong southerly wind. Firefighters are working to protect another wing of the hotel across the alley as well as other nearby businesses. The hotel is currently closed for the season, and the small 600 wing was mainly used for employee housing. It also houses the Avis rental car office, a tour counter for M and M, and Skagway Jewelry that face busy Second Ave. in the summertime. The fire was contained this morning [March 7] but it had spread to the east wall of Diamonds International, which also sustained heavy water damage. More details as they become available."
The buildings in historic district are protected with water sprinklers inside and out. Jeff Smith's Parlor is not so protected at this early stage in it's restoration.

1894: Colorado Governor Waite fires commissioners Jackson Orr and D. J. Martin, but they refuse to vacate their positions, starting the Denver City Hall War.
1898: Peter Clancy Bean, a miner, is murdered along the trail. Powder burns cover his face and a .38 caliber slug is lodged in his left breast. Near his body lays his empty pocketbook.

Jeff Smith


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