March 6, 2012

Soapy Smith history scrimshawed onto ivory

Soapy Smith on ivory
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Soapy on ivory. I came close to naming this post that because it reminded me of Soapy on ice, the future family show that will play in larger cities one day, if we could be so unlucky.

The Soapy Smith tusk
circa 1995

My friend, Dennis Corrington, Skagway businessman extraordinaire, is the proud proprietor of  the Corrington Museum of Alaskan History which highlights the history of Alaska through 40-plus exquisitely scrimshawed walrus tusks of ivory and other incredible artifacts Dennis has acquired over the decades. The museum is also home to the world's largest baleen basket. If this is not impressive enough, access to the museum is free. This is a first class exhibit and should not be missed. It is located in Skagway near the corner of 5th and Broadway.

Dennis Corrington
The Corrington Museum of Alaskan History


June 12, 2011 

1895: Bascomb Smith’s (Soapy's younger brother) lover of six years, Jessie Wise (known as "Jessie Smith") commits suicide in Denver, Colorado while Bascomb is doing time in prison.

Jeff Smith


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