March 8, 2012

Early Skagway cabinet photograph card.

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The above cabinet photograph entitled Views in Vicinity of Skagway, Alaska sold on eBay recently for $68.89 a low price in my opinion. This is one of the souvenir photographs sold in Skagway in the early 1900s that I have never seen before. It measures "just under" 7" x 4-3/4," and includes 6 separate views

  • "Looking up Skagua River"
  • "View on Brackett Wagon Road"
  • "Last Resting Place of Soapy Smith"
  • "The 'Loop' White Pass and Yukon RY"
  • "Grave of Soapy Smith's Slayer"
  • "Trestle on White Pass and Yukon RY"

Very interesting is the fact that the photo of Soapy's grave marker is of the very first one which should date this cabinet card pretty early, most likely no later than 1919.

1894: Colorado Governor Waite replaces fired commissioners Orr and Martin with Populist Party members, Dennis Mullins as fire commissioner and Samuel D. Barnes as police commissioner, a starting shot in the Denver City Hall War.
1898: Skagway vigilante Committee of 101 posts warning handbills for Soapy and his bunco gang to leave the area.

Jeff Smith


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