July 21, 2011

Soapy's short shots...

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I was told by friend Whit Haydn that this year's Soapy Smith Night fundraiser, at the Magic Castle, after all expenses, raised $4000 for the Vernon Fund. The best year ever, even though the expenses for the event nearly tripled. Congratulations are in order. Drinks all around, on the house!

A little comedy using Soapy's history was had at Sara Palin's expense on July 8. A website page called Sarah Palin’s “Today In History” Lesson had the following displayed.

Soupy Sales

July 8 – Alaskan Telegraph Pioneer, Soapy Smith dies

Soapy Smith opened the first Telegraph office in Skagway, Alaska, during the Gold Rush. In addition to bringing telegraph services to the miners in Skagway, he also formed the ‘Law and Order Society’ to ensure the safety of the town’s settlers.

On July 8, 1898, just days after acting as Grand Marshall in the July 4th Parade, Soapy died defending himself against thieves on Juneau Wharf.

You might recall some time back I warned Soapy fans about a very poorly made video for sale on Soapy's history. My publishers attorney is working on the case and I was asked to informed Savage Run, the one man company who is putting out the video to cease using my photographs and name. Rather than decease the owner included the following paragraph on his page. I did not bother cleaning up his paragraph. It is as posted.

thanks to jeff smith (soapysmith.net) for his technical assistance in the making of "soapy smith: gold rush goodfella." he was of great assistance in identifying parties in photographs and he helped me clear up some of the errors i made (and am probably still clearing up) in getitng the history right. thanks jeff.
The last thing I want is to be linked to this crap! I have asked the legals to step up the process.

1880: Soapy has his photograph taken in Leadville, Colorado. Ex-President Grant is in the background. 1889: The Logan Park riot, which snowballed into trouble for Soapy.

Jeff Smith


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