July 26, 2011

The Bob Ford slaying mural.

Bob Ford gets it in the neck
Ed O'Kelley blasts Ford with a shotgun
Creede, Colorado June 8, 1892
photo by Judi Ries
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Author, Judi Ries, Ed O'Kelley: The Man Who Murdered Jesse James' Murderer, recently took a trip to Creede, Colorado where she photographed the above mural. It's a graphic piece of art showing the death of Bob Ford, the man who killed Jesse James, by Edward Capehart O'Kelley, who is Judi's great-great-uncle. Note in the mural that Soapy Smith stands in the rear of the tent (black hat). It is believed by some that Soapy had something to do with the killing of Ford.

The mural once graced an outside wall of a Creede brick building. Construction of a neighboring building covered the mural for years. When the neighboring building had to be torn down the mural was once again exposed. It was donated to the Creede Historical Society and there it now resides. 

Judi and I are currently trying to locate exactly where Ford's tent stood. Photographs show it stood between two buildings, The Cafe and the Leadville Headquarters.

Outside Ford's tent saloon just after the shooting.

Judi's book is a must have for collectors and historians. She exposes the complete truth about the life of Ed O'Kelley. You can order a copy direct from her at the following.

Ed O'Kelley: The Man Who Murdered Jesse James' Murderer
$22.95 (price includes postage)

Judi Ries
9161 Vasel
Affton, MO 63123

Judi Ries/Ed O'Kelley: December 29, 2009
Bob Ford: February 7, 2010  September 20, 2009  October 14, 2008

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1892: Soapy and Bowers get into a street fight with John Cully over a poker swindle. 
1893: Gambling halls armed themselves against gangs of poor men planning on rushing the halls to grab money. 
1897: The steamer Queen is the first ship to arrive in Mooresville, soon to be renamed Skaguay

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