July 16, 2011

Soapy Smith wake addendum

Dave Elstun at the Soapy Smith wake in Denver
performing the prize package soap racket

A few additional bits about this year's wakes.

I knew that Dave Elstun was the man of the hour, who put together the event in Denver, but I did not know he performed Soapy's prize package soap racket for the guests! His photo (see above) appeared this morning on Facebook. I would have liked to have seen his portrayal of the scam.

Whit Haydn, the fearless leader of the event in Hollywood at the Magic Castle popped in to say a few words and submit one correction. Here's Whit.

Enjoyed your blog on Soapy Night. The silver shells sell for $500, though, not $300.

What a wonderful event. I finally uploaded 2009 video on YouTube, so we have great videos of all the last five years on YouTube.

I just posted all of them to my Facebook. So glad things worked out for Jeff III and Ashley. Great to get that video of the toast!

Thank you gentlemen!

1890: “Big Ed” Burns is given 24-hours to leave Denver by Chief of Detectives Loar.

Jeff Smith


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