July 27, 2011

Modern day Soapy Smith money soap from Creede, Colorado

I received a fun gift today in the mail. Judi Ries, author of Ed O'Kelley: The Man Who Murdered Jesse James' Murderer, just returned from a trip to Creede, Colorado where on June 8, 1892 her Great-great uncle shot and killed Bob Ford, "The dirty little coward, who shot Mr. Howard, and laid Jesse James in his grave." While selling her book to the local stores in the small community she ran across Soapy Smith Money Soap from the Creede Soap and Candle Company. What a great gift idea! This cake of soap, however, will never be used so unfortunately I'll never know the riches that lie within.

(Click image to enlarge)

So very nice of Judi! Thank you.

1893: Deputy Sheriff Bascomb Smith (yes, Soapy's younger brother) beats and arrests a John Cooney.

Jeff Smith


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