April 4, 2011

Soapy Smith days celebration in Leadville, Colorado

Details regarding this photograph can be found in my book
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David Wright, a friend of mine in Leadville, Colorado worked with me finding all we could on Soapy's time in Leadville. He also happens to be an assemblyman and proprietor in the city. According to him, Leadville  may be soon hosting a Soapy Smith Day/Weekend!

He writes,


Just a quick hello from the old guy in Leadville!

FYI... I am on the board of the Leadville Assembly and we're talking about hosting a Soapy Smith Day/Weekend here in Leadville.
This weekend we're doing Duggan Days (recognizing one of Leadville's most famous Marshals).

I'll stay in touch as we get into the planning stages... but Soapy was a part of Leadville's history as you know and we'd like to remember him.

Best Regards!

P.S. Loved your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Wright
Golden Burro Cafe & Lounge
Lake County Visitor Center
710 Harrison Ave. - Leadville, CO 80461
(719) 486-1239

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Jeff Smith


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