April 3, 2011

Soapy Smith and John Clum

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Gary  Ledoux, author of the two volume set, Nantan: The Life and Time of John P. Clum, sent me the following email a while back and I recently realized I never posted it! Sorry Gary...

He writes,

Hi Jeff,

Just finished your book...truely amazing. The detail is exquisite. I am going to write a review for the Epitaph. I hope it will be published in the September issue.

BTW.... after reading your book, I went back and looked at my notes on Clum. It seems the two (Soapy and Clum) may have run across each other in Skagway around mid-April and were both in town for maybe 4 or 5 days before Clum and son moved along the trail. Clum specifically mentions Soapy in his diary as being "the leader of the shell racket" or something to that effect.

Great job on the book!

Happy Trails,

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1898: Sheep Camp avalanche kills approximately 70. Soapy and his men are falsely accused of robbing the corpses.

Jeff Smith


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