April 2, 2011

More from Donna and Jerry

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The last couple of days I have been having fun corresponding with Donna and Jerry Smith of Canada who have been to Skagway twice. Through them I have gained a few insights of how the Days of 98 Show is performing since my last visit in 1998. As they did in '98, there is bidding for the opportunity to take a garter off one of the Show dancers. The winner gets to keep the garter, which gives the wearer a lifetime free pass into the show. Donna was bid and won TWICE!  

She writes,

... Glad we could be helpful .. By the way- when we were there, I was the one to officially do the bidding on the garter removal, and won the bid successfully both times, but being female, and taking a garter off a lady's leg is not my thing. I bid for the right to let my sweetie, Jerry do the honors for me...He appreciated it much much more. Watch his video and you can tell. That now gives him twice he got to remove the garter with my successful bidding- The winner that took the garter off, gets to keep it, and we have it home, proudly displayed with our "Cowboy" memorabelia. Each of those garters represents a free lifetime pass to the show, should we ever go to Skagway, and want to see the show again, we must wear them on our arm.

Just a bit about ourselves- Jerry and I live in an apartment, which is done up in western style. We belong to the BC Cowboy Heritage Society. The only books Jerry reads and collects is about history of the gold rush and biographies about that time period. The BCCHS is a club that only tries to preserve the entertainment lifestyle of a real cowboy -poetry/yodeling/song/story telling. They have a huge festival in March in Kamloops every year.We are members, and the offical photographers. Our apartment decor started after going to our first concert, and loving it. We started a with a buffalo jacket bought after visiting a buffalo ranch with the group, and now displays cowboy and indian 8-10 pound pewter statues of different cowboys and indians that are numbered pieces from the franklin mint. We have 12 pieces of Jim Ponters work. Instead of a nice picture or something on the wall, we also have fox furs (3 different colors) muskox mittens/traps/horsebells, 25 brass bells /bridle/several bits and sturups/bull whip/lassoo/riding quirt/snow shoes/two holsters with replica guns that look and feel real-one gun replica also from the franklin mint authenticated and signed by Gene Autry, that looks like Jesse James' gun/and all kinds of other "cowboy" stuff. Even our door knocker is a spur from a boot..our bathroom accessories are quite different too. The toilet paper holder is made from a bridle bit held by two horseshoes (leather not there) towel rack from matching spur and rod as the front door..our wall has old fashioned looking bathing pictures in the old galvanized tubs, and one of an old log house with barnboard frame. Jerry also has close to 100 pieces of Elmer ornaments of a character of a horse doing people stuff, from Montana silversmiths. Like we often joke about ...we may live with everything but the real horse in our apartment. Oh yes, we also are both members of the Vernon collector club.....gee,b et you couldn't have guessed that! LOL..

I met my sweetie 11 years ago at a gold panning competition...and he is the only nugget I am sure I will ever find. A real keeper.

Donna and Jerry, it is a pleasure having you here.

Jeff Smith


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