April 24, 2011

More on Skagway attorney John G. Price.

The above photograph shows attorney John G. Price soon after his arrival in 1897. Back on April 6, 2011 I published a post on Price, and at the time I could not locate this photograph. The man in the rear, next to the tent opening holding a cigar is believed to be Price. Comparing with a later photograph is difficult due to the quality of the copy.

John G. Price

John G. Price: page 480, 521.

1896: Soapy arrested in Juneau, Alaska for operating the prize package soap racket. 
1898, Spain declares war on the U.S, two months after the sinking of the USS Maine. The U.S. declares war on Spain the following day and then backdates the declaration two days so that it appears that the U.S. declared war on Spain first.

Jeff Smith

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