April 24, 2011

160 arces of Denver land once belonged to the infamous Soapy Smith.

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The above artifact #33 is a Denver city receipt that Soapy paid the necessary fee of $3 on February 21, 1887 to purchase 160 acres that he had apparently been living on since January 28, 1887.  Also apparently, this property did not belong to anyone and so by paying the fees and following the rules, which included placing a legal notice about his plans in the local newspaper, Soapy, within a certain period, would become the official owner of the property. It is believed he did so after encouraging letters from friend and associate bunco steerer, John Taylor, to invest his money in property so that his future would be secure.

The writing is hard to read but it looks to me like the land location is south-east 1/4 section, 22 Township, 4 north, of range 60 west It is not currently known where this land is located in Denver. I know that these location figures can be read and pin-pointed by a professional genealogist who has studied the process. I belonged to a local genealogical society based at my local library and I remember hearing a presentation on how to read and locate these figures. It was very confusing and I did not take home with me the needed knowledge to figure it all out on my own. If you, or someone you know is qualified  then perhaps I will soon be posting a number of photographic and satellite maps of the Denver area showing this property once owned by this bad man. How fun!

document: page 112.

Jeff Smith


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