May 31, 2010

Soapy Smith on Wikipedia

Can-Can girls perform in the Days of '98 Show
Soapy builds his empire and dies several times daily in Skagway, Alaska
(note: the Jeff Smith's Parlor sign)

As a "just the facts ma'am" type of historian I am not a big fan of Wikipedia. Anyone can (and they do) make changes, add information, some of it not based in reality. It can be one-hell-of-a lot of work keeping a subject historically accurate. As much as I may complain about Wiki-p I admit a large number of people use it and the information contained within. In fact, a large number of my website hits come from people who came to my sites after visiting the Soapy Smith article on Wikipedia. This makes it worthy to keep track of articles that pertain to Soapy.

I got the idea to talk about Wikipedia today because of an article I added today about the Shootout on Juneau Wharf. I promised myself that once my book was published I would add as much as I felt was needed. Some of the other articles I have created, corrected or added over the years are as follows.

Watch out Wikipedia more are on the way.


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