June 1, 2010

Nice book review.

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A nice review from Rich Hennessey who recently purchased my book.

Jeff: I received my copy of your book 'Alias Soapy Smith' today.

Wow! What a monumental work. I cannot put it down...No joke. I am going to have to discipline myself in the coming days....so I can get other things done.

Let me just say this. If any members here are interested in the Old West, the way it REALLY was, and a 'super' well documented account of the life of a true old time bunco artist, saloon owner....who also was a complex human being with many sides [good and bad]...THIS IS IT!

And get this, I am only up to page 92 of 650! Yes, that is not a mis-type 600 + pages!

Jeff, how you can almost give this huge tome away for under $30 is beyond me.

Jeff, I am truly impressed by the dedication you put into this work. I can easily understand why it took 25 years to complete.

Oh yes the wonderful historical photo's and letters etc. really slow me down because I like to peruse them with a magnifying lens. That's OK...for me it's the closest thing to stepping into a time machine.
Congratulations Jeff!

Happy trails.
Rich Hennessey

Thank you very much Rich!


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