May 29, 2010

Soapy Smith's grandfather, Joseph E. Edmundson

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Grave of Joseph E. Edmundson
Soapy's grandfather

Came across the memorial for Soapy's grandfather, Joseph Edmundson, father of Emily Dawson Edmundson (Soapy's mother) on Find A Grave. The 2 photographs of his marker shown here come from that site.

Joseph was born April 16, 1792 in Anderson South Carolina. Like Ira Elli Smith he won land in Coweta County, Sixth district, from the 1828 Georgia land lottery in Sixth district.

He died December 20. 1858 in Coweta County, Georgia and is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Newnan, Georgia.

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Close-up of Joseph's headstone

Source: A History of Coweta County from 1825 to 1880 by W. U. Anderson, page 19.


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