March 8, 2010

Book signing at Melody Ranch

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The Dyea Trail
July 9, 1898

I am scheduled for a two-day book signing for my new book, Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel on April 24-25, 2010 at the annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival held in the fantastic old west movie set of Melody Ranch where HBO's Deadwood and many other westerns have been filmed for many decades.

Melody Ranch

The Buckaroo Book Shop is sponsoring the book signing and I am very excited to be attending. I'll be more than happy to discuss the book and any questions you might have, and of course I'll sign copies of the book. I'll also be bringing my tripe and keister full of swindles to perform for those who wish to bet on a sure-thing. I am looking forward to meeting anyone interested in discussing old west criminal history.

The festival itself is a fantastic adventure for walking around the movie set for those interested in the old and new west. There are plenty of top-notch western singers, displays and vendors to enjoy. Numerous friends of mine will be performing there, including magician Whit Haydn and piano "professor" Dave Bourne. Check out the festival website above for all the performers and events.

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The Bookaroo Book Shop



  1. We are excited to be hosting Jeff Smith, along with a number of other writers, poets, and storytellers at the Buckaroo Book Shop. This is one of many fun, engaging venues of the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. Stop by and say Howdy! We're happy to see you!

    Can't make it? No problem, email us with your personalization request and book pre-orders. We'll get them signed for you and shipped to you beginning the week of April 26. or 661.255.7087.


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