March 7, 2010

Soapy Smith - #3 con man in history!

Some time back I reported a site that listed Soapy Smith as the 7th all-time con man in the world. Today I am proud to inform you that he is working his way up the ladder. He is now listed in 3rd place! The following is what the site says.

Top Ten Greatest Con Artists of All Time.

“These con artists lived the dream. The only problem was it was someone else’s.”

Con-men hold a special place in our hearts. Their fast talking, smooth walking ways lead us all to gawk at their special brand of bravery. The individuals on our list are some of the most successful flim-flam artists of all time. For those about to con; we salute you.

1. Frank Demara
2. James Hogue
3. Soapy Smith
4. Rob Palatus and Fab Morvan
5. Gregor MacGregor
6. Christopher Rocancourt
7. Arthur Furguson
8. Victor Lustig
9. Frank Abagnale
10. David Hampton

Even nicer is that this time around Soapy Smith links to my website!



  1. I believe that Congratulations (of a dubious nature) are in order! I will confess that Mr. Smith is the most likely to have (or will have) a film made from his exploits!

    Good luck with your most interesting relative.

  2. Thank you very much Karin! I think it is just a matter of time but please help me by keeping your fingers crossed.


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