November 10, 2009

Modern lot jumping swindle close to home.

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A billboard erected to protect a purchased lot from "jumping." Creede, Colorado 1892

A modern example of an age old swindle: Lot jumping

In October 2009 the mother of a friend (Travis) of my daughters was stung for $500. "Travis' mother" answered an ad for the rental of a home. The bunco man allowed her to move into the house a little early after putting down a $500 cash deposit. My daughter's finace' helped move the family into their new happy abode. A week or so later my daughter received a frantic phone call for help in moving the family back out of the house. The real owners came home from vacation and did not appreciate finding that their home was occupied. Fortunately "Tracis' mother" had the fake lease in hand and was not arrested, but did need to vacate the house immediately.

My book has some great information regarding lot jumping in Creede, Colorado and in Skagway, Alaska.

  • Page 222: Lot jumpers and real estate protection agreements made by Soapy, including the text from an original lot protection racket of Soapy's.
  • Page 438: Information on Skagway's battle between the bunco men and the real estate grifters.
  • Page 440-441: Selling single lots to numerous owners, all thinking they were the only owner.
  • Page 480: Soapy's Skaguay Real-Estate & Investment Company.


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