November 11, 2009

Is this a photograph of Soapy Smith?

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Is this Soapy Smith?

According to an auction on eBay the above photograph may be that of Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith (see auction here). The description reads.

Real Photo Postcard - Signed at Bottom "Soapy Smith" - Found a Soapy Smith that was western Con man - Outlaw who was killed in Alaska in 1898 - This could be a photo of him, but could not be his signature - Unused - Made In Canada - AZO card 4 squares - Corners bumped - free shipping - payment due within 10 days end of auction. Thanks for looking.

I did write to the owner of the postcard stating that I can say without any doubt that the man in his photograph is not the famous "Soapy" Smith. Soapy dressed in business attire, did not smoke a pipe and only once was known signing his name as "Soapy." More than likely the photograph is an actor playing the part of Soapy in one of the numerous plays in Alaska and Canada that used his character. To his credit the eBayer published my statement into his auction.



  1. Sorry, I'm probably not helping in your valiant efforts to get Soapy's facts straight, all for the sake of an animated tall-tale.

  2. Bite your tongue Averyl. If successfully brought to the screen your valiant efforts to bring Soapy to life in an animated tall-tale will do more to make the name of SOAPY SMITH famous to every household. That's more than I could do in one thousand years! Those who have the pleasure of seeing your version of Soapy brought to life may wish to learn more about the real man, that's where I come into the picture. Your tall-tale could very well lead another to put the true-tale on film.

    We both win...


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