June 1, 2009

Likeable links...

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Friend Shellie sends me all kinds of great stuff and today's link is no exception. It comes from the Library of Congress and is called Meeting of the Frontiers. What makes this site so special is that it is a joint website in association with the Russian State Library in Moscow and the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, considering Alaska is filled with so much Russian history.

This site is another example of a simple looking website filled with little nooks and crannies of seemingly hidden information. Although the main objective of the site is the joint history of Alaska and Russia there is a goldmine of information, artifacts, documents and photographs on the Klondike gold rush era history by paying special attention to the links inside. Some of these link pages are so vast that they might encompass a few days to get through them properly. Although I found no information (a first) directly about Soapy Smith, I did find several special photographs that I saved for future post topics. Good hunting.

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