June 2, 2009

Entrance to Juneau Wharf

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Entrance to Juneau Company Wharf

The above photograph is one I recently found. It was only marked as "View of Skagway from a wharf." There is enough cause to believe that this is the entrance way to the Juneau Company Wharf from State street. This means that about 50 feet behind the man who took this undated photograph, is where Soapy Smith was gunned down in 1898. This also means that this is, thus far, the closest photograph taken to the location of the "Shootout on Juneau Wharf."

State street is the path Soapy and about seven members of the Soap Gang took from Jeff Smith's Parlor on Holly avenue (six blocks up State street). Soapy stopped the gang at this entrance and told them to stay put while he approached the four guards on the dock alone, which was probably a tactic to prevent a fearful and violent response by the guards who were out-numbered.

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