May 29, 2009

Soapy Smith Wake

From the cover page of the June 2009 Magic Castle Newsletter.


Soapy Smith's Law & Order Committee was truly the scourge of the Klondike, but they believed strongly in good woman, good booze and a good con! Join your fellow grifters, rogues and vegabonds at the 5th Annual Soapy Smith Costume Party July 8, 2009, a benefit for the Dai Vernon humanitarian fund.

It may be hot as hades in LA, but inside the Castle you'll feel the chill of the frozen north, enjoy turn of the century gambling and drink a "toast to Soapy's Ghost!"

There is an extra $5 door charge for everyone entering the Magic Castle on the night of Soapy's soiree - an extra fin will get you in. Wear your favorite Klondike costume and win valuable prizes.

Lay your poke on number 8 - July 8 - and join us in a night of revelry to commemorate America's first gangster, the notorious Soapy Smith.

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