March 17, 2009

Soapy's in-laws


This holiday meant little to me as a kid, except having to wear green or suffer agonizing pain at school. In fact it was not until relatively (perfect word) recently that I found that I have Irish blood coursing through my veins.

Soapy married Mary Eva Noonan, the daughter of Andrew Noonan and Mary Dalton, both of Ireland. Mary was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1872. At this time I have nothing on her parents but I imagine they had the all telling Irish accent which no doubt was partially passed down to Mary as a child.

I bid you good day lads and lassies.


  1. My family also hail from Ireland - two brothers left the Emerald Isle - one came to Wales and the other went to Pennslavania. I may try and trace my family tree one day and look up those stateside relatives.

  2. Hey, Archavist (alias Gary).

    I would like to research the Irish side (Soapy's wife) someday. She was quite a character herself. She was a 13-year-old variety theater singer in 1885 when she met Soapy in Denver, Colorado.


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