March 18, 2009

Creede fire, 1892

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I found this previously unknown (at least to my research) photograph of Creede, Colorado's disastrous fire from June 5, 1892. The photograph was shot from Sunnyside, the route to the camp cemetery. The fire started in John Kinneavy's Sample Room (fancy name for saloon), a good friend of Soapy Smith's who came to Creede with him in 1892 when the silver rush there began. Kinneavy's place, Soapy's Orleans Club, and much of the main business district was destroyed and never rebuilt to its' previous glory. Three days later, June 8, 1892 Robert Ford, slayer of outlaw Jesse James was himself nearly decapitated with a shotgun blast from foe, Edward O'Kelley.

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A nice photograph taken in 1892 from the same hill, closer to the business district shows the camp some months before the fire, giving an idea of just how much destruction actually occurred.

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