March 15, 2009

Largest gold nugget watch chain in the world.

n March 2, 2009 I posted a slide show that showed me holding the world's largest gold nugget watch chain. I have since found a 1900s dated postcard from Kirmse's Curio Shop in Skagway, Alaska, where the chain was made in 1898. Looking at the two photos above it is easy to see that the chains are one and the same. I also found out that it weighs 3 pounds, not 5 as previously reported. This makes it worth around $43,000 in gold value alone.

My face was included in the original photograph but it is so hideous that I cropped it out. I'm not putting my looks down, but it was truly a Frankinstein's monster moment, lol. In my defense I will say that I was very nervious when I picked it up and placed it against my vest for a photoshoot. I was already overly careful with it as it is a museum piece at the Anchorage , Alaska museum. I was a special guest of the curator and he wanted to show it to me. As most of you already know, museums don't normally let people touch their artifacts. When I hoisted it up I was surprized at the weight of the gold, which only made me even more nervious. All I could think of the whole time was, "oh God, what if I drop it," and my facial expression speaks volumes, hence it is not included.

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