November 4, 2008


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Bob Majni wrote this poem in 1984. I have known Bob for a while now and he is a wonderful Klondike gold rush historian. However, it was just very recently that I knew he had written a poem about Soapy. He happen to mention it while we were talking on the phone and sent it to me. A proud new edition to my Soapy Smith collection.

Note the last line has, "Soapy lives!" When Bob wrote the poem the name of the Soapy Smith play in Skagway was, Soapy Lives. Now it is combined with the Days of 98 Show.

With the latest information on Soapy's death now published, I would like to take a little artistic license and add a line to the poem,

The story of Soapy's death is at best Murky,
Be it known the killer was really Jesse Murphy.

Thank you Bob!

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