November 5, 2008

Soapy's Place in Creede

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On November 3, 2008 in the comments for the Bob Ford tent post, someone known only as "S" listed a website with a nice selection of old Creede, Colorado photographs from the Denver Public Library collection. Among them was the one shown to the right (call number CHS.X5893).

The photo is thought to have been taken circa 1940-1950. On the wall of the building on the right side of the street, you can see that it reads, "SOAPY PLACE." Looking closer it appears to have a very small "'s," making it "SOAPY'S PLACE." Soapy's saloon in Creede burnt to the ground on June 5, 1892 and was never rebuilt. It is only my guess that this was a merchant or bar.

Jeff Smith

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