October 3, 2012

BBC's Copper and Soapy Smith, part 1

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opper, the new BBC America TV series is a hit! Well, at least in my home it is. It takes place in New York 1864. The sets and costuming are fantastic, as is the story line. The sets and police uniforms remind me of how I imagine Denver up to the early 1880s, which of course explains why I enjoy it so. This last Sunday they made reference to Soapy Smith (see above) and I'm hopeful a Soapy Smith character will take to the streets, selling cakes of soap with a prize inside.

"If there is vigor in the law Soapy Smith will be sent to the penitentiary. He is a professional swindler and has attempted murder before. There is not a more desperate nor dangerous person than he in Colorado who is allowed to run at large."
Rocky Mountain News, June 8, 1894.


1860: Captain Nelson and a company of the 10th Infantry battle with Navaho Indians in the Tunicha Mountains, New Mexico Territory. 
1860: Captain Holloway and the 8th Infantry battle around 50 Comanche Indians, killing two and "wounding many" at Chaparita, New Mexico Territory. 
1863: U.S. President Lincoln declares that the last Thursday of November be recognized as Thanksgiving Day. 
1865: Indian Chief Little Hill addresses the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. on the conditions of the Winnebago Indians in Nebraska. 
1866: Arizona Territorial Governor McCormick reports bad news at the 3rd territorial legislature at Prescott. The territory has a population of 5,526 and no stagecoach line. The Apaches are on the warpath, and during the last year the territory only collected $355 in taxes. 
1873: U.S. Army hangs four Modoc Indians for the murder of a Civil War hero General Edward R. S. Canby. 
1878: Charles Earl Bowles, alias “Black Bart” robs a Wells Fargo stagecoach, 10 miles outside of Potter Valley, California. 
1879: Troops at Milk Creek, Colorado Territory are relieved by a regiment of black cavalrymen led by Captain Francis Dodge. 
1879: The newspaper The Nugget begins publication in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. 
1880: President Hayes meets with an Indian Chief in Maricopa, Arizona Territory. 
1885: Soapy Smith is arrested for assault on a victim of one of his games in Denver, Colorado
1891: Soapy Smith and 3 of his men attack and destroy the office of the Glasson Detective Agency in Denver, Colorado
1893: The motor-driven vacuum cleaner is patented by J. S. Thurman. 
1894: Soapy Smith officiates as timekeeper during a boxing match in Denver
1900: Tom Horn shoots and kills Isom Dart, a black cowboy in Routt County, Wyoming, who had been accused of rustling cows. 
1901: The Victor Talking Machine Company is incorporated. After a merger with Radio Corporation of America the company becomes RCA-Victor.

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