August 7, 2012

The automaton shell and pea game

wedish automaton of the shell and pea game. Good friend and member of Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith, Whit "Pop" Haydn, found this amazing contraption on Youtube. It even cheats!


1782: George Washington creats the Order of the Purple Heart.
1789: The U.S. War Department is established by the U.S. Congress.
1870: During the last eleven days ten settlers are reported killed in Indian raids in Arizona Territory.
1880: The Battle of Rattlesnake Springs, Texas takes place. Black soldiers of the Tenth US Cavalry and the Twenty-fourth US Infantry fight the Apache leader Victorio who had left the Mescalero Reservation near Fort Stanton, New Mexico Territory with 125 to 150 followers. They intended either to return to their former reservation or to find refuge in the Guadalupe Mountains on the Texas-New Mexico Territory border. Twice defeated, hungry, and denied access to waterholes, Victorio abandoned his efforts and fled across the Rio Grande. On October 15 Mexican forces killed him in the Tres Castillos Mountains. Victorio's death ended the Indian threat to West Texas.
1880: Soapy Smith registers at the Hotel Granite in Central City, Colorado.
1881: Jesse and Frank James, Charles Ford, Wood and Clarence Hite, and Dick Liddell, stop a train in Missouri, near Blue Cut, outside Glendale, by piling large timbers across the track. This is Jesse James' last robbery which netted $1,500.
1885: Captain Wirt Davis reports five Apaches slain and fifteen captured by soldiers in the Sierra Madres, Sonora, Mexico.
1888: Theophilus Van Kannel receives a patent for the revolving door.
1891: The outlaw, Sundance Kid is arrested in Canada for cruelty to animals. The charge is dismissed.
1896: Soap Gang members, John Bowers and “Red” Gibson are arrested for vagrancy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The police confiscate their tools of the trade which include false whiskers, saps, and revolvers.

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