August 6, 2012

Great additions and more Soapy Wake photos.

Roger Smith drew this wonderful rendition of Soapy

h boy do I have a lot to catch up on! Here are a few items I hope you enjoy.

Skagway held their Soapy Smith Wake on July 8 just as they have for 35-years. Below is a picture of the cast and crew of the Day's of '98 Show with Soapy's 4th grave marker.

(back row left to right) Daniel Paun, Jeff Strong, Aliasha Suitor, Afton Toler, Kaitlyn Casanova, Allison Graham, Michael Baish, Austin Fry
(front row left to right) Tegan Baldwin, Jonathan Baldwin, Jon Erdman, Jonathan Hays, Briona Daughtery

Some more photos from the Magic Castle event
(click the images to enlarge)
Family members Gini Dalton, Jeff, Ashley, and Jefferson Smith

Gini Dalton giving the traditional toast

Great-great-grandson Jefferson R. Smith

Oh those ladies!
Shari Wendt, Janet Dean, and Karin Mckechnie

Honest John and Lucky Linda

The faro tables are always packed.
Greg Worley and Phil Spangenberger play to win

Doc Holliday, alias Stephen Keith deals blackjack

There was even grand hazard to play

Whit "Pop" Haydn prepares to wow the crowd
and he did

1787: The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia begins. The articles of the U.S. Constitution draft are debated.
1850: Louis Vasquez becomes the first Postmaster at Fort Bridger, present day Wyoming.
1860: Major Sedgwick and six companies of the 1st Cavalry battle a combined force of Kiowa and Comanche Indians on Cottonwood Creek, Kansas.
1873: Vigilantes lynch four suspected murderers in the Court Plaza, Tucson, Arizona Territory.
1874: James Reed, first husband of female outlaw Belle Starr, is shot dead by Deputy Sheriff J. T. Morris in Lamar County, Texas.
1880: “Buckskin” Frank Leslie marries Mary Killeen (who he had made a widow in June) in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Tombstone, Arizona Territory.
1895: Bad man, Jim Clark is shot outside the Colombo Saloon in San Antonio, Texas while in the company of a man known only as Mexican Sam. An errant bullet pierces Clark's heart and he dies within the hour.
1896: Lawmen, including Frank King, fight a gun battle with the outlaw Black Jack Ketchum gang when it attempts to rob a bank in Nogales, Arizona Territory. The outlaws are driven off.
1902: Outlaw Harry Tracy commits suicide rather than face prison during a gun battle with lawmen on a farm in Creston, Washington. During the fight Tracy dashed into a wheat field. The posse fired volleys of shots into the field and heard Tracy fire only one shot in return. The following morning, Sheriff Gardner of Lincoln County and his deputies find Tracy dead. One of his legs had been shattered by two of the rifle balls fired by the posse. He had attempted to stop the flow of blood with a bandage, but when it became obvious he could not escape, Tracy apparently decided to make good on his promise that he would never be caught alive, and shot himself in the head. His body was returned to Salem prison for identification and was displayed to the inmates as an object lesson in the rewards of a life of crime.

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