April 22, 2012

Soapy Smith autopsy photo: Colorized

Soapy Smith's autopsy: Colorized
Note the cigar in the doctor's mouth, the bloody hands
Coloring by Gary Sheaf
original photo by Rev. John Sinclair
(Click image to enlarge)

ary Sheaf, a friend of mine, likes to play around with old photographs. If I recall right, originally he started out by putting his own image inside historical photographs such as the below below

Here Gary used the original Billy the Kid photo in which there can be seen the fingers of a hand holding the light reflector. Gary added extra space to the photo and placed himself as the owner of that hand.

Recently Gary took up the hobby of colorizing old black and white photos. He posted a few on the True West forum and I was quite impressed with his work. I have always wanted to see the bloody autopsy photo of Soapy colorized so I ask him if he'd be interested. The answer sits proudly on view at the top of this post. 

Below are some more examples of Gary's work.


Excellent work Gary. Thank you!

1792: U.S. President George Washington proclaimed American neutrality in the war in Europe. 
1861: Robert E. Lee was named commander of Virginia forces. 
1876: The first official National League (NL) baseball game took place. Boston beat Philadelphia 6-5. 
1889: At exactly 12 noon, the Oklahoma land rush officially started as thousands of Americans raced for new, unclaimed land. 
1898: The first shot of the Spanish-American war is fired as the USS Nashville captures a Spanish merchant ship.


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