April 21, 2012

Clancy's Saloon scale O model.

Clancy's Saloon
O scale model building kit

efore my father passed away we had plans to build a miniature replica of Jeff Smith's Parlor. We drew up the plans but never got around to actually working on it. I still have the plans and notes tucked away so perhaps one day I just might finish that project.

In the mean time how about a kit I found on eBay for the front of Clancy's Saloon where Soapy Smith supposedly started in Skagway, Alaska. We know that the brothers Clancy and Soapy did become partners. I imagine that eventually someone will come out with a kit for Jeff Smith's Parlor. If you wander over to the eBay link you will note that it comes minus the Clancy sign. That is just my quick fun art for the day. Compare the photo of the kit above with a photograph of the real Clancy's and you can see they did not do such a bad job.

The real McCoy

Let us know (and see) if anyone decides to purchase and construct the kit!

Clancy's Saloon
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Clancy and Company: pages 481, 523, 595.
Frank Clancy: pages 455, 461, 471, 516, 521, 552-53.
John Clancy: pages 455, 461, 471, 481-82, 543-46, 552-55, 558, 585, 595.

1789: John Adams is sworn in as the first U.S. Vice President. 
1836: General Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto. This battle decides the independence of Texas. 
1856: The Mississippi River is crossed by a rail train for the first time (between Davenport, IA, and Rock Island, IL). 
1862: The U.S. Congress establishes the U.S. Mint in Denver, CO. 
1865: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Washington. 
1888: Frank “Blue-Jay” Brown attempts to shoot the man his wife had been seeing, but his gun misfired and the man returned one shot striking Brown in the face. He lives, following Soapy to Alaska in 1898. 
1892: The first Buffalo is born in Golden Gate Park. 
1895: Soapy and Bascomb go on a rampage assaulting numerous people, including the chief of police and John Hughes, the latter bringing charges that put Bascomb in prison and make Soapy a fugitive. 
1898: Spain breaks diplomatic ties with the United States. 
1898: The U.S. declared war on Spain on April 25, but backdates the declaration to April 21.


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