March 21, 2012

Jeff Smith's Parlor (Soapy Smith's saloon) restoration: Part 10

Park Service crew work on roof restoration
Jeff Smith's Parlor Skagway, Alaska
Photograph by Bob Lyon

Restoration of Soapy Smith's saloon (Jeff. Smith's Parlor) in Skagway, Alaska by the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park has resumed the process with the coming of spring. National Park Service Historian Bob Lyon is so kind to keep us informed of the progress. Last week the crew worked on the roof (see photographs) and Bob explained some of what they did. 

Some pics attached. The new roof went on a week ago. The blueskin is water proofing and the blue mat allows air to circulate under the shingles. Not exactly 19th C., but it'll preserve what we've got left.

More later, rushing here.
Bob Lyon
National Park Service

Blue skin applied to roof
Water-proofing and air circulation
Photograph by Bob Lyon

Thank you Bob for taking time out of your very busy schedule to keep us informed. This is exciting stuff!

We are still looking at a probable two years before the Parlor is opened to the public. There is rumor that it could be completed within a year's time but I would not hold your breath. If you can hold out it will surely be worth the wait.

The original shingles
Photograph by Bob Lyon

Replacement shingles
Just in time, it's snowing!
Photograph by Bob Lyon

Jeff Smith's Parlor restoration

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  1. Glad to see the project is back and hopefully on schedule. I know that these guys are going to do a wonderful job and will pay very close attention to detail in regards to returning the structure to it original condition. Many years ago while working for the Department of The Army, Ft. Riley, Ks. I had the golden opportunity to attend the Corp of Engineers Renovation and Restoration of Historical Building and gained tremendous knowledge. Please keep us posted on the progress as time permits....

    1. Hello, Anonymous.

      Thanks for the comment. All outside restoration projects cease in the winter for obvious reasons. I'm sure work continued on the artifacts that were inside the Parlor when it was a museum. I do not have contacts for those projects, which are probably numerous. Since the late 1970s I have watched the Klondike Gold Rush Historical Park restore a dozen buildings in Skagway, including the Mascot saloon complex. It is fascinating to see them do their job as well as the before and after completed works, like the Mascot saloon. I have posted 10 parts thus far for the restoration of the Parlor, and I'm positive that will triple before the project is done. I will be posting everything I received, except for certain items I'm instructed not to.

      Jeff Smith

  2. I'm delighted about the restoration and do hope to travel there and see it someday...but shingling in the snow does not look fun. LOL I hope someone had a hot toddy ready for the poor guy when he got done.

    1. I just found out today that one of my Facebook friends is in one of the photographs. I'll have to ask him if there was anything warm waiting for them once they were done, lol.

      Jeff Smith


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