February 29, 2012

White Pass and Yukon Railway - Then and now

Engine #59
Broadway Avenue, Skagway
circa 1900

Engine #73
Along the White Pass
circa 2011

I have been to Skagway numerous times since 1974 and have never taken the train trip on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad.

January 27, 2012, December 23, 2011

Jeff Smith



  1. Really Jeff, you should! I daresay they would comp you...
    So these two engines look similar because they are both Baldwins, but No. 73 was built in 1947. White Pass runs it only once or twice a week now, I love to hear the steam whistle in the morning - it is quite distinctive from the other engines. Once in awhile they have both steam engines - No. 69 and 73 out and you can tell the difference between those two whistles.

    1. Very interesting! The sounds in Skagway, natural and man-made, are awesome.


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