November 18, 2011

1908 Denver map: TIVOLI

17th Street by the Union Station train depot
(Red circle shows Tivoli Hotel)

One of the pages I watch on Facebook is Visit Denver. Recently they posted a very large map of Denver in 1908. I zoomed into 17th Street and Market and found a hotel named TIVOLI (see map above). At first glance it crossed my mind that this could be an older map section that was not updated and that the "Tivoli" was Soapy Smith's Tivoli Club saloon and gaming house, or that who ever took over the Tivoli saloon kept the name and that it continued to operate. Upon closer inspection of the map I could see that the south section of the building (Deutsch's building(?)) that held the Tivoli Club had been altered or rebuilt. I believe that most of the original building had been torn down except for the portion containing the hotel in 1908. At least the unique window configuration appears to be the same.

Although the map is dated 1908 many of the old buildings and businesses that Soapy knew, still existed so the map is a great aid.

Soapy Smith's Tivoli Club
The Deutsch building
(Left side of photograph)
Jeff Smith Collection

Full 1908 map

Tivoli Club: Feb. 28, 2011, Aug. 11, 2009, July 23, 2009 June 4, 2009, Dec. 9, 2008

Tivoli Club: pages 79-81, 89, 120, 124-29, 131-32, 138-39, 171-72, 176, 182-83, 185, 188, 190, 197, 247-48, 256-57, 260-64, 272-78, 283-84, 286-87, 324, 336, 338, 352, 358, 389, 420.


1887: Soapy acts as timekeeper during a boxing match 18-miles outside of Denver.

Jeff Smith



  1. Jeff, Haven't kept in touch like I should, but I wanted you to know I'm still telling the stories of Soapy and using him as an example of whats happening in the "business" of gambling.
    My efforts here in Florida continue. The legislature is trying to re-write the existing laws on gambling. If Soapy was alive today he would be a main player here!
    Terry Terril, Educator and Gambling Theorist

    1. Hi, Terry.
      It is good to hear from you!


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