July 9, 2011

More Soapy Smith wakes.

Days of 98 cast with Soapy's 4th grave marker
Skagway, Alaska July 8, 2011
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Every year I wait excitedly, like a little child, for the annual Soapy Smith Wake on July 8. Then the days comes and within hours it's over, just like Christmas. It's a let-down that leaves me my mind and body exhausted.  This year has been completely different. Now that I and Soapy are on  Facebook the annual event has taken on a new persona, something more like what I imagine Hanuka to be like than Christmas.  Or perhaps it could be compared to the film, Groundhog's Day, in which actor, Bill Murray repeats one day continuously.

On July 7 I was able to toast with the crowd at the Denver, Colorado wake. Then, on the following day (July 8) I was involved in four separate toasts on Facebook due to the time zones across the country (including Alaska). I'm exhausted, but I still have Sunday July 10 at the Magic Castle to attend! All I need is a good night's sleep and I'll catch my second wind. I'll be reporting on the different wakes over the next couple of days I'm sure.

1898: Rev. John Sinclair goes to the morgue and takes the only known photographs of Soapy deceased. 1898: W.H. “Turner” Jackson found in bed at the Astoria Hotel by Tanner.

Jeff Smith


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  1. Hi Jeff!
    Six of us went to the cemetery and memorialized Soapy on July 8th with some Robert Service, eulogies, and music. It wasn't a very big event, but it was definitely a good time!
    --Ashley Bowman, Skagway

    PS, thanks for posting the pictures of the 4th!


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