July 5, 2011

The coming week

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This week is busy, perhaps even overwhelming. So much to do and post. The above photo is one of a series sent to me by friend, Karin McKechnie. Last year she attended the Soapy Smith wake at the Magic Castle. She makes her own fantastic and historically correct (emphasis) clothing. She also added Soapy's portrait to several pieces of original nineteenth century mourning jewelry that was so beautiful that I tried to take photographs of her wearing them. Not one photograph came out like I hoped it would so I asked her to photograph her jewelry in a proper setting and she did just that to the extreme. They are so nice that I want to make wake advertisement out of some of them. The photo above is an example.

What I would like from you fans, is some ideas for text content, framing, and any other suggestions that would accent her photos as well as the wakes. Remember, Soapy died 113 years ago. I don't think anyone in my family is actually grieving any longer. These suggestions can be serious, exaggerated or even comical, much the same as I do with the Soapy portraits encased with surrounding American flags (see bottom picture).   

Jeff Smith


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