June 16, 2011

More on Ira Ellis Caspar Wistar Smith and the Civil War: part 2.

On June 3, 2011 and June 9, 2011 I posted about the Civil War service of Ira Ellis Caspar Wistar Smith., Soapy's uncle. At first I thought there was a mistake as to what unit he served under. His grave marker and records show that he joined Phillips Legion (Colonel William Phillip's), Cavalry Battalion, Company D ("Coweta Ranger's"). However The United States, Civil War Soldiers Index states that Ira served with the 1st Regiment, Company K, Georgia Reserves (Fannin's) Colonel J. H. Fannin. I now believe he may have served both.

I note that in April 1864 a Dr. Robert Leeper Young Long resigned from Phillips Legion. Ira studied to be a doctor but I do not know the years. Is it a coincidence that Ira is reported to have joined Fannin's Reserves on April 27, 1864 and stayed until the end of the war? I don't think so. I believe he too resigned, and joined up with a different unit. I also considered the chance that Dr. Long might have been a friend of Ira's and hoped to find Long's name in Fannin's Reserves as well but that was not the case.

Jeff Smith


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