April 7, 2011

Sylvester/McGinty poster

Jeff Smith and the framed McGinty
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I purchased a poster of Sylvester last year from the Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe in Seattle, Washington. Not wishing to deal with it at the time I boxed it up and forgot all about it until this morning when I happened across it. I took a walk up to Aaron Brothers and bought a new 25" x 8" frame and now it proudly hangs on my office wall.

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I found the poster when my Seattle friend, Leah, over at the Old West Rogues offered to take some photographs of Sylvester for the comparison photographs between Sylvester and McGinty found in my book. She took several photographs at different angles for me to choose from. In one of her shots there is a poster of Sylvester on the wall with an attached price of $2.50 each (unframed). I had to have one!

The first thing I did was to look online for their store. They have a catalog but it is very incomplete. However, I called them and received great service.  They also have Sylvester postcards for .35. They used to have a Sylvester bobble-head listed in the catalog but I did not see it there this time. Be sure to ask about them if you are interested.

The catalog has the contact information. By-the-way if you ever go to Seattle you have to visit this shop! Besides having Soapy Smith's petrified man the place doubles as a museum with a ton of simply amazing bizarre artifacts from around the world. It is well worth any inconvenience you may suffer to get there. I go every time I visit Seattle.

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Jeff Smith


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