April 8, 2011

Is Sarah Palin the reincarnated Soapy Smith?

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In Alaska, those who don’t like her often compare Sarah Palin to Soapy Smith.

Craig Medred, a staff writer for the Alaska Dispatch is known for using Soapy’s name often when comparing him to politicians, etc., however, this time, for Medred’s article, entitled, Sarah Palin's fake reality (March 29, 2011) it came from visitor comments. The article is about Palin’s new TV reality show and he has a great dislike for all things Palin. The comments involving Soapy are as follows.

Sarah certainly DID follow in the footsteps of SOAPY SMITH, in bringing similar welcome attention to ALASKA. –Aapa
You and I must be kindred- in spirit- for I thought of Soapy Smith too..! I think she is his reincarnation.... as for Cook... tough breaks, when you do the devils' work. –RockyMissouri

Click the link above if you feel the need to read the entire article and all the visitor comments.

1891: Soapy shoots and wounds Jack Devine in the Turf Exchange saloon.

Jeff Smith


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  1. Mr.Medred is trying too hard...IMHO.

    Sarah Palin is the reincarnation of Belinda Mulrooney [Klondike and Alaskan entrepreneur].

    Belinda was perhaps the 'First' 'Mama Grizzly'. Truly an amazing woman. Most men didn't mess with her when she stood her ground.


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