March 8, 2011

Howard Blum acknowledges the book, Alias Soapy Smith

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Last month I told you about Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith member, Howard Blum's new book, The Floor of Heaven, that contains Soapy as a main character. I wondered what sort of acknowledgement he wrote. I wonder no more. There is a link with some excerpts from the book the the Note to the Reader contains the acknowledgement.

Soapy Smith was shot down before he could fulfill his often-made promise─or threat, concsidering the secrets he knew─to record his life story. Jeff Smith, his great-grandson, however, has taken Soapy’s letters, correspondance from other family members, diary entries, legal records as well as the albums of newspaper clipping Soapy collected, and written a smart and exhaustive biography that was published by Klondike Research, in Juneau, Alaska. 

I only wish he would have publish the name of the book, lol.

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