January 15, 2011

Readers will remember the updated information about Soap Gang member Shoot-Your-Eye-Out Jack, also known as Texas Jack Vermillion. I have seen fit to take down that information because it seemed the right thing to do.

In my book, Texas Jack is presented as John Wilson Vermillion. More recently, I posted here that author Peter Brand discovered his name was John O. Vermillion. The new information I posted, though, revealed more of the background to this person and brought him into sharper focus. Not known to me or my source at the time I posted the entry about him was that others were also working with the same information, presumably with an eye toward publication. So I thought it best to pull the new information and wait for it to appear in print before sharing it.

So, Followers of the Soap Gang, rest assured that when that information appears in a form that may be shared at large, you'll also learn of it here.



  1. No problem Jeff. I am certain the truth will eventually emerge. Who knows? Perhaps you were correct all along...or...maybe not....but, that's what makes this all so interesting. Hey, it is like a very interesting detective story :)

  2. Friend, Rich.

    You are right, it is indeed a detective story! What's true and what's not? In today's digital world we are closer to being able to find the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... What a glorious age for information we live in!


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