January 19, 2011

Bradley Cooper should play Soapy Smith?

Clark Gable as Soapy
Honky Tonk, 1941

The tabs at the top contain a page called Who Should Star As Soapy. Buck Grizzly over at the True West Forum sent me the following.

Jeff a while back you were asking who should play Soapy in a movie in the works and I suggested this guy Bradley Cooper. Well over the weekend I saw him in the A-team. It was alright but 10 times better than the series. Anyway, he played the con artist Faceman, and in the movie he did a version of the three-card monte when he was laying out a plan for the team. I had to chuckle, since I suggested using this guy and here he is playing a great con artist in a movie.

He still has my vote if it matters. ;-)

Thank you very much Buck for your great contribution to the page on who should play Soapy. I had not originally planned to see the A-Team, but have changed my mind thanks to you. Fans will note that three-card monte is the short con that indirectly caused Soapy's death.


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  1. I am sorry to admit that I am not familiar with the actor Bradley Cooper....but that fact seems to fall in line with my suggestion that JRSII should be portrayed by a talented 'relatively' unknown artist. I like your suggestion Mr. Grizzly.


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