January 22, 2011

The fancy Soapy Smith cocktail at Euclid Hall in Denver

The Tivoli Club
Denver, Colorado
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The Denver Omelette blog published a story that includes a fancy cocktail called The Soapy Smith. Next time you are in Denver you need to have one. Below is the story. 

Seduced by $12 cocktails at Euclid Hall

Last night Sleepy and I went to Euclid Hall (on 14th between Market and Larimer, in the old Martini Ranch-thank god that's over) for our first time. I've been hearing about it a lot on the ol' twitter and was SO HAPPY when I was on their website and saw their kitchen is open until midnight! Best news ever.

We got there around 10:30 and the Hubs was to meet us there shortly. I have to say the place is super amazing-great ambiance, huge beer menu and the most strange and interesting food menu I've seen in a long time.

I accidentally ordered a $21 beer and even though the waiter told me I'd be drinking it all night I downgraded to a $9 bottle of organic cider that was served in a champagne flute-y type glass which made me feel very swanky. After we were able to flag down a waiter (the theme of the night and the only real downside to the place) we ordered a plate of Duck Gravy Poutine and a Cheesesteak "sandwich" for Sleepy. I had no idea what poutine was. Turns out this one was french fries slathered in duck, duck gravy and cheese curds. That's right! I said cheese curds! It was really super however it was served in a tin bowl type thing and the leftover pieces of duck in the tin bowl sort of reminded me of dog food. Just saying. Sleepy's "sandwich" gets the quotes because it was a bun, with sliced steak pieces on top and the cheese sauce, onions and peppers were all delicately strewn about the plate. He said after he got over the fact it was so untraditional he really enjoyed it.

Now here's where things get crazy. First of all, the Hubs eats some crazy fucked up stuff. Which they just happen to have on the menu at Euclid Hall. So last night I ate BLOOD SAUSAGE without knowing what it was! Sleepy and the Hubs tricked me, those bastards! The strangest part was that yes, I was major grossed out after I found out that's what I ate, but it really wasn't horrible. It was like sausage cake. I also sampled some of the Hubs pigs ears but I drew the line at the bone marrow. Maybe next time?

AND THEN! The craziest thing of all happened. I ordered fancy cocktails. Two of them! I never do that. I'm super cheap! However, the ingredients list sang to me and I just had to try them. First I had the Soapy Smith which was bourbon and ginger beer and some lemon-SO F****** GOOD. Then I had Maude's Maple which is made with Stranahan's Whiskey and maple extract (which Sleepy blames as the reason this particular cocktail was $12.50) and some orange. ALSO SO F****** GOOD!

All in all, I know I'll be back to Euclid Hall. Many things on the menu I still want to try and I have to have another Soapy Smith!

Thank you Euclid Hall proprietors for helping keep the name of Soapy Smith alive and well in Denver!



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