January 20, 2011

Dr. Fenton Blackmore Whiting

Dr. Fenton Blackmore Whiting
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 The photo above is the father of Dr. Fenton Whiting.
More new information can be had at June 19, 2011

Our wonderful neighbor, the Skagway Historical Society blog, posted new (to me) information and a nice portrait pertaining to Dr. Fenton B. Whiting who co-performed the authopsy on Soapy. 

Dr. Whiting is not to be confused with Superintendent Whiting of White Pass. Dr. Whiting worked for White Pass also, and was assistant to Mike Heney. He had a Saloon also, on the side.

He helped to quell the workers strike in 1898 by hitting White on the head with a shovel (see blog on John Robert White from October 13, 2009) and he helped in the autopsy of Soapy Smith (see blog on Sept 16, 2010 on Dr. Cornelius).

Fenton was born in 1866 in Quincy, Plumas County, California. He attended Stanford University and graduated in 1891. He died on this day, January 16, 1936 in Richmond Beach, Seattle, Washington.

In 1933 he wrote: Grit, Grief and Gold: A true narrative of an Alaska Pathfinder. (Peacock Pub. Seattle); 1900 census; familysearch; Plumas County history online.

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