December 10, 2010

Soapy Smith borrows $1,725

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Soapy borrows $1,725

Marlene, over at the Skagway Historical Society sent me the above scan and note.

Jeff this is a scanned image from page 38 of the November 1947 issue of The Alaska Sportsman magazine that I have. You probably have already seen this, but just in case you haven't here it is!

Yes, I have that issue and the note is mentioned in my book on page 397. I wrote back to Marlene and told her that I hate telling people when I already have items because sure enough they will find something I don't have, and think that I do, lol. 

What ever became of that artifact, and all the other letters published by Tanner and others, is unknown. I believe it was Alaska-Yukon magazine who actually lost many of the letters that Tanner had sent them to publish. 

Sadly Alaska Sportsman is no longer published. The old issues are a gold rush of historical bits and pieces. I have a lot of issues in my library but I am positive there are plenty of issues out there that contain Soapy Smith stories that I have never heard of. There are enough issues with items on Soapy and Skagway that I am tempted to buy every issue that comes my way in hopes of finding something I've missed.


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