December 9, 2010

Drawing of the Soapy Smith house in Denver, part II

I want some!

At the bottom of my post on Soapy's Denver house (December 7, 2010) I wrote,

It's not over yet. Our friend over at the Skagway Historical Society blog posted an article on December 2, 2010 about Colonel Thomas Childs Woodbury of the United States Army, whose father and grandfather were generals. Their names are not given but one has to wonder if General Roger Williams Woodbury is the father or grandfather? Oh how the small world turns.

Marlene from the Skagway Historical Society did some research and came up with the following she sent in an email.

Hi Jeff,

Here is the link to the site which lists his father and grandfather who attended West Point: Thomas Childs was his grandfather and Frederick Lynn Childs was his father - they are listed under the class of 1814. Thomas's father was Daniel Phineas Woodbury as was his grandfather, Daniel Woodbury born New Hampshire, married in North Carolina and died in Florida.

His 7Xg- grandfather Humphrey Woodbury came to the US in the mid-1600's (b. 1607 in England d. 1686 in Beverly Massachusettes) . Your Roger Woodbury's 6Xg- grandfather was also Humphrey Woodbury but his son was William and Thomas's was his brother, Thomas (1639-1717). Ok, I know, t.m.i. [too much information, lol] but the point is that yes, they are related but would be 7th cousins, I think, so .....this has been fun!

These records are all from the pedigree site on Familysearch.

Thank you very much Marlene. Indeed, this is fun!


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